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Christian Homeschool Second Grade Download

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The download consists of a zip file containing an Adobe PDF file for the booklet, and all of the CD audio tracks as MP3 files. Your email order confirmation will include a "Download" link.  Click on it and you'll see the zip file to download to your computer.  After downloading, open/extract the zip file into a regular folder for use on your computer. 

Lesson 1: Roman Numerals

Scale Steps Using Roman Numerals, Counting with Rom.Numerals, Solfege with audio, Rhythm with audio,  Song "Uncle Jack" Telling a Story Using Roman Numerals

Lesson 2: Multiplication
Five Scale Steps Downward Using Sofegge, Echo Clap, Rhythm Exercises, Solfege with CD, Song "Starfish On the Beach" about Multiplication, Worksheet Activity, Music Listening

Lesson 3:  Intervals
Intervals, Rhythm Chant, Solfege with CD, Four meter, Soda Bottle Musical Activity, Song "An Interval" about Intervals in Music, Musical Instrument Activity

Lesson 4: Seconds
Intervals, Seconds, Elephant Seals, Solfege, Rhythm Chant, Song: "Slipping, Sliding" which is about the elephant seal. This song uses many "seconds" in the melody.

Lesson 5: Prepositions
Intervals: Thirds, Rests, Prepositions, Solfege, Rhythm, Song "Preposition Definition" is all about prepositions.

Lesson 6: Advice
Ear Training, Advice, Rhythm Flash Cards,Solfege, "Advice" is a song about Proverbs19:20. 

Lesson 7: Folk Songs
Reading Music on a Treble Clef Staff, Harmony, Folk Songs, Solfege, Rhythm Flash Cards, Song: "Bought Me a Cat" is a Coplend folk song.  Very fun to learn and sing! 

Lesson 8: Christmas Folk Song
Melodic Contour, Rests, Traditional Christmas Song, Rhythm, Solfege, "Christmas Is Coming"

Lesson 9: Getting Along
Bar Lines, Double Bar Lines, Measures, Treble Clef Note Review, Getting Along, "Get Along Song" is a song about being kind and respectful to each other.

Lesson 10: Photosynthesis
Sight-reading from Solfege Hand Signs, Reading Music from Staff, Seconds and Thirds, Echo Sing, Solfege, "Photosynthesis" makes oxygen and energy.  A great learning song!

Lesson 11: Mammals/Pigs
Reading Solfege, Reading Music, Dynamics Loud and Soft, Echo Sing, Solfege Exercise. "The Ig-Pay" is a fun song about pigs... sung in "pig-latin".

Lesson 12: The Weather
Review of Note Names, Rest Names, Dynamics, Sight-Singing, Singing in Tune,Echo-sing, Solfegge, Song: "What's the Weather Today?"  What will the weather man say?  A great introduction to weather.

Lesson 13: Measurements
Rhythms, Ear Training, Measurements, Solfege, "Molly Measures" is a fun song about substituting measurements.  If you can't take home a gallon of milk from the market, how about four quarts?

Lesson 14: Hatchin' Scratchin' Bird
Rhythms, Ear Training, Call and Response Song, The Bird song, a fun 40's era swing tune sung by the boys: Lesson touches on call and response style that comes form spirituals such as Swing Low Sweet Chariot.

Listen to our sample audio clip highlighting some of the audio tracks:

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