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Product Overview

Each lesson indicates what to say, what to do, and when to play the songs and audio. The lesson booklets which include student worksheets, flash cards and melody sheets are in PDF files so that you can simply print out pages as needed. The PDF file of the booklet per level is included in the download.

Our music lesson plans go hand-in-hand with grade-level concepts such as Math, Science, History, Geography, and more. Learning is reinforced because your students will enjoy and relate well to the lessons.

Music with an Emphasis on:
Notes and Rhythms * Numbers and Scales * Steps and Intervals
Solfege (Do-Re-Mi) * Ear Training * Singing and Listening
Key Signatures * Time Signatures * Instruments
Rests * Grade-level Concepts * Kindness and Consideration

"I have found this very helpful. The kids are singing on pitch and their rhythm is very good. We will be doing the Neighbor Polka today which they LOVE! Their (youth choir) directors have really noticed an improvement in pitch. We attribute that to the use of Solfege." -Marie in IL

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Teach music effectively and efficiently with a simple, fun music curriculum that includes the tools you need: lesson plans, worksheets, flash cards, songs and audio. Simply follow the steps which indicate what to say, what to do, and when to play the audio. Available by download or loaded on a thumb Drive.

There are fourteen lessons per level.  We recommend teaching one to two lessons per month with review in between.  If you're teaching the same class several times a week, our curriculum will be a wonderful supplement.  In addition to the lessons, there are suggested activities which will enhance the learning.  Take the time to do all of the suggested activities and learn all of the featured songs in the curriculum.  

Pfeiffer House Music curriculum covers numbers, matching pitch, major and minor scale steps, intervals, key signatures, time signatures, staves, rhythms, note values, loud and soft, rests, ostinato, breath support and posture, percussion and instruments and more!

Audio is included for rhythm and pat-clap exercises, Solfege (do-re-mi) for ear training, and the unforgettable songs.   Grade-level learning concepts are included in a fun way so your students will learn the concepts and will love singing the songs.  The Octopus Song from Kindergarten enforces their number and counting knowledge as they sing an eight note major scale and imagine what they could do if they had eight arms. Dictionary from Level 456 is a humorous ode to the dictionary which helps students understand what the dictionary is and its importance for having good vocabulary and writing. From what we hear, the absolute favorite is I Left My Big Yellow Tog in Topeka which is about a lost dog who was 'not' found in any of the state capitals aorund the country.  

The styles of songs vary from lesson to lesson so that students are safely exposed to the unique qualities that are in each style, from classical, to jazz, to country, reggae, rock, pop and more.  

The Homeschool and Christian School versions include biblical references and topics in some lessons, songs and pitch exercises.  The Public School version was rewritten, rerecorded and modified so it could be used in secular teaching environments.  

For lesson content details and sample audio, select a specific product from one of the categories from the menu on the left.  If you have any questions or would like to request sample text, please Contact Us