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Shipping & Returns

We normally ship flash drives via USPS Priority Mail within one business day. Shipping takes 2-3 business days depending on your distance from Michigan.  

Downloadable items are sent instanty through your order confirmation email which will include a "download" link to zipped files to download to your computer.  If you're downloading zip files to an iPad or iPhone, we recommend iZip, free from the Apple store.  

If you did not get your email or are missing your order, please check your Spam folder. Also, we've found that GMail users experience a delay when waiting for the email. If you're a GMail user and you did not receive your email, please wait and check again later.  If you don't receive the email within one hour, please Contact Us.

If you wish to return or cancel your order, you may do so within 30 days of your order date. If you are returning/canceling:


  • DOWNLOADS - We will ask and trust you to delete downloaded product and to not share or use it after receiving your order refund.
  • FLASH DRIVE - Simply return them to us to Pfeiffer House Music at the address on your packing list or invoice.


When we receive product back and/or confirmation that you've deleted the downloads, we will issue the full purchase refund. 


Sorry, we do not refund return postage.